Season 7!

by pythion


Alteri Season 7 has arrived!

This year I looked to improve struggling classes and speed fights up a bit. We can safely assume there will be many tears in the year to come. :cow:

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Season 6!

by pythion


Another season of Alteri is upon us!

We've recorded over 6000 arena matches with hundreds of hours of footage and have come a long way since random drafts. This salt filled adventure continues as the fast-paced arena style crushes egos and encourages players to fight evenly matched teams. :animals-chicken:

I'm hopeful that these changes can again help the less played classes and take another look at the ones being banned so often. If you would like to see the changes please follow the link below.

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Season 5!

by pythion


With the new replays, profile statistics, and captaining pages we've had a surge of Arena fights. In the last 30 days we did more than 660 games and 270 of which were 6vs6 or more. :animals-penguin:

I'm happy to announce more changes that will even the playing field. There will be a static Realm Rank of 11L0 this season and some future balance targeted towards the classes not being played.

More information is included in the comments below.

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Arena Profiles!

by pythion


This week we added the ability to display statistics from games played in the Arena!
As of now the pages are in beta form, but I'd like to know what stats people think might be missing.
Player information was recorded since August 2016 or MatchID 1728.
Go here to try out the search function!


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