Season 8!

by pythion


After almost 2 years, Season 8 has arrived!

This patch is designed to encourage the use of offensive abilities and make a variety of setups viable. The longest running complaint has been gimmicks or lower skill classes not having any counter-play.

Starting with tank dynamics, we've added a handful of abilities that make your groupmates more useful and can avoid relying on randomness.

We looked at the use of pets to promote a less permanent death and utility-based usage.

Next, we considered Melee Damage and the weapon procs currently in-use.

These changes will likely result in faster fights with the job of each class type being more important in some way.

Tanks are given new decisions while being more available for peels.
Casters are complemented with more classes and have greater utility than ever.
Supports will need to heal more and be required to close out fights.

With that in mind, it's been a great last few months here and I appreciate all the people keeping the fights interesting. :boar:

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Alteri Comeback!

by pythion


Hello Everyone, :turtle:

I wanted to write something regarding our recent return to drafting! It's been the third weekend where we hosted games.
Many fights have been solid, considering people haven't been playing. Playing less frequently seems to have made people appreciate it more and it's good to play some Dark Age again.

I still want to make improvements when I have more time.
Until then, here's to hoping things remain less toxic and that we see more new faces on Alteri!

P.S. Join the Discord community and try to consider ways to overcome the dreaded "Who wants to Captain?" scenario.


Season 7!

by pythion


Alteri Season 7 has arrived!

This year I looked to improve struggling classes and speed fights up a bit. We can safely assume there will be many tears in the year to come. :cow:

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Season 6!

by pythion


Another season of Alteri is upon us!

We've recorded over 6000 arena matches with hundreds of hours of footage and have come a long way since random drafts. This salt filled adventure continues as the fast-paced arena style crushes egos and encourages players to fight evenly matched teams. :animals-chicken:

I'm hopeful that these changes can again help the less played classes and take another look at the ones being banned so often. If you would like to see the changes please follow the link below.

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