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Season 6!

Postby pythion » Wed Apr 04, 2018 6:07 am

Another season of Alteri is upon us!

We've recorded over 6000 arena matches with hundreds of hours of footage and have come a long way since random drafts. This salt filled adventure continues as the fast-paced arena style crushes egos and encourages players to fight evenly matched teams. :animals-chicken:

I'm hopeful that these changes can again help the less played classes and take another look at the ones being banned so often. If you would like to see the changes please follow the link below.
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Re: Season 6!

Postby pythion » Wed Apr 04, 2018 6:07 am

- General Changes -
  • Grants a chance to penetrate bladeturn, block, evade, and parry.
  • Demoralize duration increased 15s-> 20s.
  • Bodyguard will automatically guard if you have the ability.
  • Purify Senses range increased 1500-> 2000.
  • Restore the Soul cooldown decreased 2m-> 30s.
  • This ability can now remove resurrection illness.

  • These spells have returned to a 2.0 cast time.
  • Global cooldown reduced 90s-> 75s.
  • Harbinger's Curse cast speed debuff increased 25%-> 40%.
  • Raise Dead (Egg of Youth) radius increased 1000-> 1500.
  • Bedazzlement fumble debuff increased 15%-> 25%.
- Class Changes -
  • Forest Hearts can no longer be cast in the Arena. (Tangler still enabled.)
  • RR5 Sonic Barrier in addition to melee absorb will now send out a shockwave, stunning enemies for 3 seconds in a 500 unit radius.
  • Triple Wield accuracy buff replaced with 10% True-Strike.
  • Instant Body resist debuff cooldown increased 5s-> 8s.
  • Fossil Seer haste debuff reduced 50%-> 25%.
  • Subpet cast time reduced 6s-> 4s.
  • Totem cooldowns reduced 5m-> 45s.
  • Stat debuff effectiveness decreased to match live.
  • Single target shear spells cast time reduced 3.0s-> 2.8s.
  • Infuse Health cooldown increased 15s-> 30s.
  • Spirit Bond cooldown increased 40s-> 45s.
  • Protective Spirit cooldown decreased 60s-> 45s.
  • Single target shear spells cast time reduced 2.5s-> 2.2s.
  • Baseline DoT now has a 65 delve body DD attached to the first tick.
  • Added a baseline Disease spell that causes attackers to reflect 35% of melee damage to themselves.
    • Thorns - 30s dur / 3.0 cast.
  • Successful Stun, Nearsight, and Mesmerize spells will grant the Eldritch a 30 second spell feedback of the type casted.
  • Aurora Blast (Baseline Light) damage increased 179-> 193.
  • Shadowdoom (Light Magic) damage increased 209-> 219.
  • Protection of the Underhill also resets the cooldown of Quickcast and no longer requires a pet.
  • Resist debuff values increased 15%/25%/40%-> 15%/30%/50%.
  • Dazzling Restraint (Root) range increased 1500-> 1650.
  • Empower Heat debuff duration increased 8s-> 15s.
  • Aurora Blast (Baseline Light) damage increased 179-> 193.
  • RR5 Whirling Staff cooldown decreased 10m-> 3m.
  • Removed access to root and mezz dampening.
  • Fanaticism now affects all allies and has had the radius increased 1000-> 1500.
  • Rejuvenation now offers greater heals.
    • Mauler is now granted Advanced Evade.
    • Magnetism cast speed debuffs greatly reduced 10%/15%/20%/30%/45%/60%/85%/100%-> 5%/10%/15%/25%/35%/45%/55%/65%.
    • Pulse charm range increased 2000-> 2300.
    • Coruscating Visions (Light Magic) damage increased 209-> 219.
    • Aurora Blast (Baseline Light) damage increased 179-> 193.
    • Somatic Resuscitation (Baseline Heal) value increased 231-> 293 and cast time reduced 2.8s-> 2.4s.
    • Crusader chant radius decreased 1500-> 1250. (500 radius on live.)
    • Celerity chant radius decreased 1500-> 1250. (750 radius on live.)
    • PBAoE heal cooldown increased 15s-> 20s.
    • RR5 Soul Quench cooldown reduced 600s-> 180s.
    • RR5 Soul Quench also grants the Reaver 30 seconds of 75% True-Strike.
    • Soul Terror (Fear) duration increased 10s-> 15s.
    • Leviathan damage increased 153-> 169.
    • In addition to spell damage, Leviathan also triggers an AoE snare that doesn't break CC. 15s dur / 45% value
    • Baseline DoT now has a 65 delve body DD attached to the first tick.
    • Spirit Shell reuse timer increased 5s-> 8s.
    • Adjusted RR5 effect animation.
    • Releasing the spirit champion will now heal allies in a 2000 radius for 35% of the pet's current health.
    • RR5 Mjollnir's Protection also grants the Thane 15 seconds of 50% True-Strike.
    • Air pet stun chance reduced 65%-> 35%.
    • RR5 Vale Defense also grants the Valewalker 20 seconds of 50% True-Strike.
    • Foxfire snare duration increased 12s-> 19s.
    • Lifetap damage-type changed from Energy to Body.
    • Instant debuff DD damage-type changed from Energy to Body.
    • Armor absorption buffs increased 15%/18%/30%/33%-> 18%/22%/32%/38%.
    • In addition to snaring enemies, Grasping Roots grants a 35% bonus to evasion for 5 seconds.
    • RR5 Valhalla's Blessing also grants 20 seconds of 75% True-Strike for allies.
    • Instant cone snares no longer give immunity and have had their values decreased to 35%.
    • In addition to crush damage, Roundhouse now debuffs enemies Crush/Slash/Thrust resistances by 15% for 15 seconds.
    • Dementia resistance buffs have had their values reduced.
      • Magic - 5%/15%/26%/35%/44%-> 4%/12%/22%/30%/38%.
      • Melee - 5%/10%/14%/18%/22%-> 3%/7%/10%/12%/17%.
    • Tyr's Blessing - Passive 15% True-Strike added.
    • Double-Edge - Your next style has True-Strike and ignores 50% armor factor, but deals 75% of the damage back to yourself. (Cannot be triggered using Shield styles) 5s dur / 120s RUT.
    • Ragnorak growth rate increased .88-> .94.
    • Added a side snare to Sword specialization.
      • Rush - 29 spec / 14 dur / 10 fatigue.
    • Fury of Nature (35 Nurture) now grants 50% melee absorption and 50% True-Strike for 15 seconds.
    • Glowing Blade snare duration increased 14s-> 19s.
    • RR5 Wall of Flame frequency increased 3s-> 2s and applies a 15 second 45% snaring effect.
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