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Custom Game Mechanics

Postby pythion » Mon Sep 05, 2016 6:06 am

Here on Alteri we've done a lot to get things exact, but there are some quality-of-life changes that were made for competitive and stream-lined playing.

Immunity Animation -
  • When a target is immune to a crowd-control spell (Stun, Root, Nearsight, and Mezz) the user will see a red animation indicating that the spell's effect did not occur.
  • A larger animation is displayed when the target has less than 10 seconds remaining on that immunity.
  • Charge also has its own animation.
Spells -
  • Attempting to cast or sprint in mezz or root will tell you the duration. (This is encouraged because tooltips may crash some players)
  • Champion Levels offer a capped value spec buff and a resist buff with a 10% PD/AoM charge depending on class.
  • Pressing Phaseshift 2 or more seconds after using the spell will cancel the effect.
  • While in the Safe area or on immunity timer you may cast friendly spells instantly.
  • Heroism, Buffbot, and Recall are abilities given to every player.
  • Shears act as that buff on allies.
Swapping Weapons -
  • Required weapons are swapped to automatically when pressing the style.
  • /switch command offers the ability to change weapons with a macro.
Items -
  • Weapons and armor do not degrade.
  • Bonuses are all static.
  • Charges are infinite.
  • Several artifacts and item charges are disabled to prevent pre-fight use. (SoM included)
Arena -
  • Realm Abilities are reset upon entry of an Arena and alternatively a vote can be called for all players by saying ".reset".
  • /arenacolor toggles player's dyes to their respective red and green teams.
Basic Commands -
  • Grouping -
    • Relogging whilst in a group will prompt you to join again if that group still exists.
    • /draft and /scrim offers a randomized group for Arena purposes.
    • /invite does not require being group leader to suggest a player.
    • /join prompts the group leader to invite you to the party.
  • Travel -
    • /setup will teleport you to the Pyramid when out of combat.
    • /quit is instant if out of combat.
  • /bb will spawn a buffbot for 30 seconds.
  • /trainer will spawn a trainer for 1 minute.
  • /stuck while immune to zephyr will move a player out of a tree.
  • /info will display information about a player's Spec and Realm Abilities.
  • /info arena will show the characters and win rates in Arena of that player.
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