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PSA for RA's

Postby zulgz » Sat Apr 14, 2018 4:48 pm

Basic Realm Abilities

Augmented Stats - Only purchase if there is a dex break you are trying to reach, otherwise use leftover points here.
Avoidance of Magic - Suggest purchasing if group composition you are up against relies on magic damage or if you push into the other group often.
Determination - If available to your class then purchase and max it out.
Mastery of Magery - If you play a dps caster then this increases your max damage.
Mastery of Pain - Increases dmg for melee characters purchase this if survivability is not an issue.
Wild Power - Better RA for increasing magic damage would suggest this over MoM.
Mastery of Healing - Increases max heals but not very useful.
Wild Healing - Better than MoH, support have too many RA choices to pick up besides these, leftover points.
Physical Defense - Suggest purchasing if group composition you are up against relies on melee damage or if you are pressured by melee often.

RA's not listed in Basic RA's do nothing on the server or would be a terrible waste of points and should not be purchased at all.

Specialized Realm Abilities

Ameliorating Melodies - Purchase this ability to help support with heals in tight situations.
Barrier of Fortitude - If melee damage is an issue this will help mitigate the damage your group takes.
Bedazzling Aura - If magic damage is an issue this will help mitigate the damage your group takes.
Charge - Purchase and max out on any class that can purchase this.
Concentration - Allows 2 quick casts every 30 seconds. Usually picked up and maxed by high utility casters/demezers who require sustained casting as this RA is only picked up if maxed.
Divine Intervention - Required RA for support classes that can purchase. Any level of this is fine.
Ignore Pain - Personal choice on this RA as it's not required but can be a life saver if used at the right time.
Ichor of the Deep - Ichor1 is required on all classes who can purchase as it resets root immunity.
Mastery of Concentration - As a dps caster this maybe the most important RA you can purchase, it's not a required RA but it ensures you are not useless for at least 30seconds.
Perfect Recovery - PR1 required on all classes who can purchase it.
Soldier's Barricade - Great defensive RA only tanks can purchase, personal preference on this RA.
Speed of Sound - Required on all speed classes, suggest going higher than SoS1 but depends on group compositions.
Static Tempest - Purchase ST1 minimum if your class has this RA. Resets stun immunity of any enemy hit by it and a great aoe save/interupt for 15seconds.
Vehement Renewal - Go VR2+ if able to purchase. Suggest VR3 minimum.
Dual Threat - Crit increse for magic and melee. Great if you can fit it in and do both dmg type.

RA's not listed in Specialized RA's are not necessarily bad but they are outside the norm for purchasing. RA's not listed that I would consider as viable but not normal are AotG, DD, EM, and WoC.

Be aware that your RA choices can be seen by everyone so a bad choice in RA's will effect how other players perceive your understanding of the game.
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PSA for RAs

Postby Edwardambut » Mon Mar 25, 2019 10:09 am

I never used this one but thats nice to know Thanks for the advice man
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