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Season 4!

Postby pythion » Fri Oct 28, 2016 7:31 pm


Season 4 has begun and the new starting Realm Rank is 8L5! Other changes include several new ways to help some classes get played in the Arena. :animals-chicken:

More information is included in the comments below.
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Re: Season 4!

Postby pythion » Fri Oct 28, 2016 7:31 pm

Realm Rank
  • All players have been reset and the starting Realm Rank has been set to 8L5.
    Many classes require Aug Dex to reach breakpoints and while we had CL15 HP we never enabled any sort of overcaps. This is especially troublesome for low realm rank characters.

  • Otherworldy 126 Str/Dex/Acu have been made possible for their respective classes.
Buffing Classes
    Resist changes comes with the fact that live now has pulsed resists and it can very troublesome to cast resists for a newly resurrected player. While Shaman's had many spells changed last Season we're giving another shell to Druid's and Cleric's.

  • Resist buff cast times 3s -> 2s.
  • Cleric
      Cleric's are one of the least played classes and we want to make them as viable as say, Druid or Shaman. Changes must be done very carefully not to make Albion overpowered in a Realm specific setting.

    • "Blinding Light" spell attached to all Smite PBAE DD's.
      • 10s duration 20/25/30/35 value fumble debuff.
    • "Spirit Bond" has replaced the Cleric's shell at 40 Enhancement spec.
      • This ability triggers a 100 value heal whenever the target is hit for more than 250 damage. Instant cast 15s duration 40s cooldown 80 power.
    • "Infuse Health" added at 30 Rejuvenation spec.
      • This spell sacrifices 50% of the user's health to heal a target other. Instant cast 15s cooldown 80 power.
  • Druid
      The Druid still performs very well, but I'd like to see something unique added to their shell to make them viable in different scenarios.

    • New shell at 40 Nurture "Protective Spirit", target player cannot take more than 15% of their health in one attack. Instant cast 15s duration 1m cooldown 80 power.
General Changes
    Item and Potion uses have been listed in the spell tree. This allows for the abilities to gray out and deletion of useless items.

    Commands have already been in the game for this, but I decided it's better to not have to make macros. Pet charm summons might be next on the list.

  • Switch Weapon ability added to swap up to two weapons at once.

    We wanted to add an incentive to playing the less desirable roles to bring diversity to draft groups, so for now there's a small rp bonus.
  • 15% (Cleric / Bard)
  • 10% (Healer / Shaman / Druid)
  • 5% (All Casters)
    While dated, these abilities can be extremely useful in certain situations. When compared to Battlemaster's throw weapon and bodyguard, Banelord can seem much less worthwhile in longer fights. On Alteri I'd like to see them used more than once a fight, but have a shorter duration.

  • Banespike - cooldown 300s -> 120s.
  • Demoralization - cooldown 300s -> 120s duration 30s -> 15s.
  • Zone of Unmana - cooldown 300s -> 120s duration 15s -> 10s.
  • Oppression - cooldown 300s -> 120s duration 20s -> 10s.
    • Snare component added due to the fact that nobody can be encumbered.
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