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Assassin Changes

Postby pythion » Tue Aug 30, 2016 3:26 am

  • Now offers normal movement speed.
  • You may now sprint.
  • You may hide in combat or near enemies.
  • When used as a prerequisite to Perforate Artery or Back Stab II, the player will teleport up to 1500 units in LoS.
  • When the ability is cancelled or activated there is a 30 second cooldown.
  • Players are much easier to detect.
Realm Abilities
  • Remedy has been replaced with Stoneskin. This ability offers a 1500 value 100% ablative for 8 seconds, but stuns the user for the duration.
  • Viper has been removed.
  • Mastery of Stealth no longer adjusts movement speed in Stealth.
  • Granted access to Determination and Ignore Pain.
  • Vanish is now usable in stun, disarm removed, and the reuse timer has been adjusted 420/300/240/150/90.
  • Alchemy poisons are no longer effective.
  • Envenom Mastery has a chance to proc determined by your base Envenom spec.
  • The Mastery buff offers several high value stat debuffs, disease, and lifebane.
  • Lifebane no longer breaks crowd-control.
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