Fix-: Stuns that reset immunity did not remove other stuns properly.

Fix-: Players may only frontal style monsters attacking themselves.

Fix-: Divine Intervention did not always use the entire pool.

Fix-: Bolster didn't hit pets if a player wasnt in the area.

Fix-: Pet magic absorption from buffs. (Max of 42%).

Fix-: Rez immunity was affected by spell duration.

Fix-: Ichor generated poor fading and durations.

Fix-: DoT duration was not affected by resists.

Fix-: Monsters incombat cannot be hard charmed.

Fix-: Blissful Ignorance buffs gave no benefit.

Fix-: Theurgist pet health based on level.

Fix-: Confuse affected spell casting pets.

Fix-: Heretic ramp damage and tick length.

Fix-: Speedwarp health and vulnerability.

Fix-: Ment RR5 blinds pets and monsters.

Fix-: Bolt damage and projectile speed.

Fix-: Throw weapon queues as a style.

Fix-: CC interrupts targets in SoS.

Fix-: Charge will overwrite SoS.

Fix-: Ice Theurgist pet damage.

Add-: Season 4 item uses, CC Timer, reduced resist buff cast times, and druid/cleric shells.

Add-: Trainers now hold all usable items and armor is unequippable.

Add-: All endurance buffs were given 20 minute durations.

Add-: IRC Bot integrates twitch chat to in-game.

Add-: Rogues cannot use CL root/mezz dampening.

Add-: Custom nicknames are used for Arena.


-Fix: Some effects might have had long durations and been updated while zoning.

-Fix: Removed movement check which might have disrupted cast animations.

-Fix: Damage Table, Damage Modifier, and Base damage formulas.

-Fix: Ichor missed spell duration.

-Add: Arena: Attempting to quit during a draft vote will prompt a message.

-Add: Arena: /agramon and /arena agramon for verifying users patched.

-Add: Arena: Now able to log back into paused Arena.


-Fix: AoE Spells have the possibility of doing cap damage outside of the center.

-Fix: Style Proc cap damage is not set by WeaponSkill.

-Fix: Berserk and Stag will no longer save shapeshifts.

-Fix: Arena: Forfeit messages.

-Add: Arena: Scoreboards are now fully integrated with the webserver.

-Add: Arena: Forfeiting teams will now die for rps.


-Fix: QuickCast now interrupts the caster for the delve of the spell used.

-Fix: Reworked more interrupts at the start of a cast.

-Fix: LoS checks are less frequent when jumping.

-Fix: Casting NPCs interrupted too frequently with some spells.

-Fix: Style Damage adjusted towards absorb and armor factor.

-Fix: Badge of Valor did not deal the damage displayed.

-Fix: Charm didn't always show the effect to the user.

-Fix: Subspells share the level of the primary spell.

-Fix: Powerleak didn't always show the effect.

-Fix: Druid RR5 did not silence the player.

-Fix: Crossbows may now proc.


-Fix: Style proc applied before weapon proc. (DD procs break style snares)

-Fix: AoE spells were not reliable if the target of the spell died.

-Fix: Stealth and Vanish had caused targeting issues for enemies.

-Fix: Mauler single target pulse cancelled from instant taunt.

-Fix: Cleric RR5 stun immunity removal and dual wield issues.

-Fix: Successful roots message the caster from farther range.

-Fix: Bainshee PBAoE effected target animations.

-Fix: Skirmish spawns are no longer in flying V.

-Fix: Rooted pets will now attack nearby enemies.

-Fix: Amnesia vs uninterruptable spells.

-Fix: Metal Guard recast and effect.

-Fix: Reduced after cast delay.

-Add: "/switch quiver" will equip the first two items to mainhand and offhand.

-Add: FFA Area groupmates will now have red names.

-Add: Quivers may now store weapons.

-Add: Wizard: Arcane Transmission now allows the user to teleport 1000 units.

-Add: Friar: Taunt is now 2s cast, 2300 units, and recastable.

-Add: Friar: Frontal Style "Figure Eight" now has a 14s snare.

-Add: Friar: Holy Alacrity 5s DUR 15s RUT 35% Evade Buff.

-Add: Friar: Base WeaponSkill increased.

-Add: Friar: 360 Evade Ability.


-Fix: AoE Crowd-Control falloff capped at -40% effectiveness.

-Fix: Chain Lightning damage corrected.

-Fix: Pet damage and swing speeds.

-Fix: Item reuse timer.

-Add: Use on Golden Spear is now an AoE DD.


-Fix: Spirit champion and Amber pet 20 second stun immunity was missing.

-Fix: Static item bonuses were calculated too often.

-Fix: Pulse charm required recharm after release.

-Fix: Fiery Minion didn't always expire.

-Fix: Armor Factor affects Style Damage.

-Add: Compatibility with Uthgard 1.65 client.

-Add: Stoneskin: This ability replaces Remedy and offers a self stunning 8 second duration 1500 melee/magic ablative.

-Add: /scrim adds yourself to the skirmish queue of an unranked arena.


-Fix: Vamp pulse mezz, bolt, and endo drain animation.

-Fix: Brittle not dying with stealth styles.

-Add: Charge now has an animation.

-Add: Stealth allows normal movespeed, hiding in combat, sprinting, and teleporting of 1500 units from stealth opening styles.

-Add: Stealth is now much easier to detect.

-Add: Assassin: Access to Determination and Ignore Pain.

-Add: Assassin: Viper Removed.

-Add: Assassin: Vanish usable in stun, disarm removed, and reuse timers adjusted 420/300/240/150/90.

-Add: Assassin: Envenom is now a buff that procs debuffs, disease, and poison based on your spec.

-Add: Assassin: Envenom alchemy poisons no longer have any effect.

-Add: Assassin: Lifebane no longer breaks crowd-control.

-Add: Mastery of Stealth does not affect movement speed in Stealth.


-Fix: Unbreakable snares will not affect Arm's Length (Eld RR5).

-Fix: Players may no longer summon more than 1 Brittle Guard.

-Fix: FFA area group realm points.

-Fix: Engage endurance usage.

-Fix: Spamming Pet Passive.

-Add: /breakpoints now displays some possible cast times of spells with aug dex.

-Add: Arena: Deathblows are now displayed in the center of the screen.

-Add: Arena: Resetting cooldowns will now kill all Speedwarps.

-Add: Reconnecting players will be prompted to rejoin groups.


-Fix: Ichor didn't allow for target changing after starting the cast.

-Fix: MoveCast spells did not allow for Block/Parry/Evade.

-Fix: Skald RR5 did not prevent melee stuns.

-Fix: Paladin endurance is a hard buff.

-Fix: Envenomed weapons.

-Add: Arena: Saying ".reset" can call a vote for resetting realm abilities out of combat.

-Add: Observer model is now completely invisible.


-Fix: Tracker's Alacrity evade buff is now available to Ranger.

-Fix: Melee Damage was not calculated on the final number.

-Fix: Style procs are using a more reliable form of RNG.

-Fix: Savage DPS buff was missing its 25% spec bonus.

-Fix: Cabalist pets didn't always follow the owner.

-Fix: Frozen Comet style was missing the root.

-Fix: Many weapons were not level 51.

-Fix: Skald's can be cows.

-Add: Arena: /arenatarget sets enemy players as red con in the target window.

-Add: Arena: Potion Pet levels reduced in 4v4 and lower.

-Add: Items no longer run out of charges.


-Fix: Battlemaster styles required a relog after training.

-Fix: Melee Bonedancer pets charged when summoned.

-Fix: Followup styles can be used on separate targets.

-Fix: Followup styles did not timeout.

-Fix: Rampage messages.

-Add: Stygia PvP Area is now FFA.

-Add: Arena range limit removed.


-Fix: Grapple, ST, and Cleric/Theurg RR5 didn't remove stun immunity properly.

-Fix: Sprint times out after standing still for 5 consecutive seconds.

-Fix: Light tanks didnt have access to Large Shields.

-Fix: Some negative ML abilities were cancellable.

-Fix: Testudo was missing it's snare.

-Fix: Doomhammer proc cannot crit.

-Fix: Ichor stopped Eld RR5.

-Add: Skald's and Vampiir's now have access to determination (Skald root dampening disabled).

-Add: Cabalist: 17 Spirit Spec Pet Demezz.

-Add: Cabalist: Resolute Minion reduced to 30 second duration and moved to 30 Spirit spec.

-Add: Cabalist: RR5 Ability Soul Devour grants the Cabalist 90% reduction to physical damage and crowdcontrol for 15 seconds. During this time, a successful lifesteal will gain an additional 500 hitpoints and cancel the effect.


-Fix: Pulse charm pet release now removes style snares.

-Fix: Throw weapon didn't self interrupt long enough.

-Fix: Demoralization cannot be purged.

-Add: Shaman: Shell has been replaced with an ABS buff. (20% 10s DUR 5s RUT)

-Add: Shaman: Cave spec now offers a controlled pet. (15 25 35)

-Add: Shaman: Hammer line has been added.

-Add: Shaman: 1.5 Spec points per level.

-Add: Shear classes: Shears now have low value stat debuffs attached to them.

-Add: Shear classes: Buffs are now 2.0 second cast on the move.


-Fix: Mauler single target pulse snare reuse, range, power, and animation.

-Fix: Badge of Valor has no affect on cloth.

-Fix: Mauler mez dampening reuse.

-Fix: Mauler PBAE root vs snare.

-Fix: BD RR5 vs root.

-Fix: Static Tempest started 1 second later than it should.

-Fix: Various MLs and Negative RAs were made uncancellable.

-Fix: MoC decreased Phaseshift duration.

-Add: Arena: Static Tempest and Speedwarp are now color coded.

-Add: /join asks the group leader to invite you.

-Add: Heroism now includes endurance regen.


-Fix: Valhalla's Blessing allows for Defending Martyr to be syphoned.

-Fix: Vampiric mist and irritating wisp weren't casting often enough.

-Fix: Some ML abilities had issues overwriting.

-Fix: Haste coexists corrected.

-Fix: Dex Breakpoints.

-Add: Arena: /arenacolor will now display the colors of an arena team.

-Add: Arena: Adding group members will remove your group from queue.

-Add: Arena: A buffbot will spawn when joining a match.


-Fix: Mauler CAE Unbreakable couldn't apply if target had been pinned.

-Fix: Amnesia didn't work on the very end of a cast.

-Fix: Prevent Flight prevented other melee snares.

-Fix: Scarab proc didn't always expire on death.


-Fix: Accepting resurrection has a limit of 2000 units.

-Fix: Demoralization properly lowers effective spec.

-Fix: Some songs had their icons corrected.

-Fix: Rampage gave immunity to Debuff DDs.

-Fix: Zephyred targets will move faster.

-Add: Arena: Teleporting has a new formation and animation.

-Add: CC Immunity during Charge has an animation.


-Fix: Mauler Target Pulse Snare reapplies itself and has proper range check.

-Fix: Reduced 500ms delay to swinging weapons when first drawn.

-Fix: Chain Lightning required a relog after realm respec.

-Fix: Bainshee Befriend doesn't work on charmed pets.

-Fix: Bainshee Pulse Pbae DD is limited to 9 ticks.

-Fix: Bainshee Focus Scare is now instant cast.

-Add: Arena: Forfeit bonus has been removed.


-Fix: Minstrels pulse charm won't start on a target that is already charmed.

-Fix: Bonedancer subpets will stop their cast upon passive.

-Fix: Mauler pulses could start and finish in mez or stun.

-Fix: Mauler absorb buff works for and against NPCs.

-Fix: Bard RR5 prevents self casts from displaying.

-Fix: Casts will not be interrupted beyond 50%.

-Fix: Secondary resists are capped at 95%.

-Fix: Disease spells will overwrite.

-Fix: Mauler gut shot gives power.


-Fix: Casting NPCs react more quickly to being in line-of-sight or range of their target in-combat.

-Fix: Effect monitor tooltips will be periodically loaded without hovering the mouse.

-Fix: Pet setting whispers for Enchanter, Cabalist, and Spiritmaster have been added.

-Fix: Arena: You cannot cast buffs on players outside your group on pause timer.

-Fix: Speedwarp frequency and duration.

-Fix: Pet procs will die on zoning.


-Fix: Interrupt code didn't judge the proper amount of a finished cast.

-Fix: NPCs and Pets will be much more reactive when reaching a target.

-Fix: MoC allowed players to start a spell out of range.

-Fix: Killing Brittle Guards had no animation.

-Fix: Charm could be broken during fear.

-Add: Mezzed players attempting to attack or cast will receive a message on the duration remaining.

-Add: Rooted players attempting to sprint will receive a message on the duration remaining.

-Add: Using Phaseshift after it's been active for more than 3 seconds will cancel the ability.

-Add: Gothwaite is now the default PvP area with a town included.

-Add: /trainer and Summon Trainer ability.

-Add: Wagering got more interesting.


-Fix: Several group targeted realm abilities include more pets.

-Fix: Mauler PBAE Snare pulse and Cast debuff share a cooldown.

-Fix: Group members health didn't always update upon death.

-Fix: Pets are released on entering and leaving arenas.

-Fix: NPCs and Pets are not slowed by speedwarp.

-Fix: Maulers can regen to 15 power in-combat.

-Fix: Reverted Sprint to a blinking effect.

-Fix: Forced refresh range increased.


-Fix: Ichor didn't always show an animation and effect icon.

-Fix: Random Buffshear on targets with no buffs.

-Fix: Power pool was not calculated properly.

-Add: Arena: 3 new maps including OF Emain MPK, OF Gorge Silo, and Land of Atum.

-Add: Arena: Voting players now show green in the group window when ready.


-Fix: Arena: Enemy pet's names would turn friendly during a pause.

-Fix: CL Dampening required you to target yourself.

-Fix: Heretic ramps didn't interrupt each tick.

-Fix: Pet fear didn't kill illusion blades.

-Fix: Roundhouse didn't always break mezz.

-Fix: NPCs will stop immediately after CC.

-Add: Arena: Adjusted many settings for voting, requeuing, and disbanding to leave queue.

-Add: CC Animations will now display to the target when immune.


-Fix: Casting pulse charm requires the player to be infront of the pet.

-Fix: Golden Scarab Vest now adds a buff on equip.

-Fix: Minstrel pets had issues after zoning.

-Fix: Mentalist template has heal bonus.

-Fix: Brittle guards now have 1 hp.

-Add: Arena: Hadrians, Emain, and Uppland OF maps added to rotation.

-Add: Arena: Midgard maps will now be set at dusk.


-Fix: Primary and Secondary resists were calculated incorrectly against spell damage.

-Fix: Players in phaseshift may not enter combat mode.

-Fix: Rez immunity is more reliable.

-Add: Any item may now be sold.


-Fix: Amnesia didn't cancel spells of interrupted players.

-Fix: Theurg RR5 had an old animation.

-Fix: Support for 1.119.

-Add: Heroism ability now grants the user a full set of temporary buffs.

-Add: Option for RvR on Ellan Vannin (1.119+).


-Fix: Monsters can cast pbae.

-Add: Grunts and Templars have replaced the Padfoot and Cockatrice.

-Add: Arena will have color coded pets.

-Add: Several PvP areas for rotation.


-Fix: Monsters will attack nearby enemies when its intended target is too far away.

-Fix: Phaseshift is more reliable at cheating death.

-Fix: Abilities will have tooltips 1.110+.

-Fix: Minion Rescue stuns multiple times.

-Fix: Some poisons had low values.

-Add: Swing speeds are now displayed in /bonuses.

-Add: New monsters worth realm points are found within the pyramid.

-Add: Observer mode has a new model.


-Fix: Convoker ML9 can be used on non-controlled pets.

-Fix: Some ToA bonuses didn't transfer to necro pets.

-Fix: Convoker ML9 and Juggernaut damage bonuses.

-Fix: Necro pet spells can critical.

-Add: Padfoot are now red for groups larger than 3.


-Fix: Casting pets entered melee too often.

-Add: Pet potions now contain grannies.

-Add: Buffbot now gives power regen.

-Fix: Pets cannot be interrupted.

-Fix: Necros have purge.


-Fix: Some pets tried to cast on targets in range but out of LoS.

-Fix: Pets will attack running targets more frequently.

-Fix: Pulses can be cancelled in mezz and stun.


-Fix: Mastery of Concentration isn't 100% chance to cast against higher level.

-Fix: Minstrel and Valkyrie template stats have been decreased.

-Fix: Multiple pulse charms on a pet could break the owner.

-Fix: Speed of Sound has a 1500 unit radius.

-Fix: Spirit Martyr heals more effectively.

-Fix: Bonedancer RR5 had a graphical error.

-Fix: Pet fear now causes the pets to run.

-Fix: Removed Underground Forest from Arenas.

-Add: Old Frontier Emain Macha is now part of the Arena map pool.


-Fix: Mauler unbreakable cone didn't apply on root immune targets.

-Fix: Valkyrie cone shears required an enemy target.

-Fix: Hybrid classes could not train Convoker.

-Fix: Pulsing cures were too frequent.

-Fix: Charming pets caused combat.

-Add: Virge of Forgotten Souls (Cleric Mace) and Unseelie Harvester (Druid Sickle).


-Fix: Thane hammer styles missed DD procs (Sledgehammer and Crumble.)

-Fix: Pets didn't always cast after interrupt, stun, and mezz.

-Fix: Players casting offensive spells could not be engaged.

-Fix: Doomhammer didn't have throw weapon attached.

-Fix: Increased frequency of flute mezz pulse.

-Add: /draft <groupsize> <list> (Enter for a random draft or display a list of queued players.)

-Add: /info chars (Displays a list of target player's level 50 characters and scores.)


-Fix: Endurance reduction buffs are more effective. (180%)

-Fix: Battlemaster styles are all 50 or 35 endurance usage.

-Fix: Old RR5 abilities were unusable until zoning.

-Fix: Tactics is only available to the Hero.

-Fix: DD Debuff couldn't be overwritten.

-Fix: Bolts triggered armor reactives.

-Fix: Valkyrie cones have no falloff.

-Fix: Mauler RR5 power return.

-Fix: Buff shear messages.

-Fix: Ablative messages.


-Fix: Pet demezz let you start the cast while out of range.

-Fix: Triple wield now has a damage boost and accuracy buff.

-Fix: Mentalist nearsight energy debuff lasted too long.

-Fix: Realm abilities are affected by heal bonus.

-Fix: Wrath of Champions didn't respect resists.

-Fix: Pets cannot crit without wild minion.

-Fix: BM RR5 magic absorb lasted too long.

-Fix: Bodyguard range is 250.

-Fix: /info is more concise.


-Fix: Haste and Spec AF were too effective from the buffbot.

-Fix: Corrected damage of some pets with weapons.

-Fix: Left axe skill affected mainhand damage.

-Fix: Feared pets didn't die with their owner.

-Fix: AF Debuff has an inherent bonus (135%).

-Fix: Templates now have 10 ToA AF.


-Fix: Stat and Resist debuff duration was affected by AoM.

-Fix: Some style procs didn't have 125% spec bonus.

-Fix: Throw weapon didn't interrupt your cast.

-Fix: CL HP while unbuffed.

-Add: Changed starting Realm Rank to 9.


-Fix: Savages now receive a message after a Quad or Triple.

-Fix: Minstrels can start pulse charm while stunned or mezzed.

-Fix: Concentration can be used while stunned or mezzed.

-Fix: Songs can be started while stunned or mezzed.

-Fix: Skald RR5 also ignores Style Stuns.

-Fix: Grapple has a 12 second stun.

-Fix: Speedwarp ignores Z axis.


-Fix: Mauler: 5m RUT pbae root doesn't give immunity.

-Fix: Mauler: Style snares are unbreakable.

-Fix: ML lines all have their own drop-down lists.

-Fix: Battlemaster styles now have style damage.

-Fix: Healer RR5 should trigger more reliably.

-Fix: Some haste debuffs were too effective.

-Fix: Defending Martyr healed dead players.

-Fix: Valkyrie shears share cooldown.


-Fix: Zephyr and Phaseshift didn't prevent you from using realm abilities.

-Fix: Berserker RR5 now offers 25% magic resist and chance to shrug CC.

-Fix: Unbreakable root was affecting CC immune NPCs.

-Fix: BD Subpets were hitting through Bodyguard.

-Fix: BD RR5 reduces the chance of style stuns.

-Fix: Shears didn't place players incombat.

-Fix: Charge, Eld RR5, and SoS stacked.

-Fix: Snapshot is 60 second duration.

-Fix: Zephyr now grants an immunity.

-Fix: Cab RR5 is 10 minute reuse.

-Fix: Corrected CC reduction cap.

-Add: Wager NPC.


-Fix: Root Dampening gave adverse affects to players with determination.

-Fix: Arena maps in NF didn't have underwater checks for NPCs.

-Fix: ML respec no longer requires CL respec.

-Fix: Self Str/Con didn't always apply con.

-Fix: Mesmerize expiring causes combat.

-Fix: /kill no longer works in arena.


-Fix: Styles will show duration in tooltips (1.110+).

-Fix: Resist debuffs are more effective vs pets.

-Fix: Some resist debuffs reduced to 8 seconds.

-Fix: BD Subpet's used their owners speed.

-Fix: Some resist debuffs stacked.

-Fix: You can spam assist.


-Fix: Casting NPCs don't always interrupt their target depending on level.

-Fix: Duration bonus only given to listcasters and support.

-Fix: You can now charm pets on immunity timer.

-Add: Classic ruleset toggle for less stats and disabled ML abilities.

-Add: Disabled Shades of Mist and Ceremonial Bracers.


-Fix: Brittleguard didn't always intercept.

-Fix: Golden Scarab vest wasn't snaring.

-Fix: Some banelords didn't break speed.

-Fix: Increased HP on pet procs.

-Fix: Chain lightning now pbaes.

-Add: Skirmish NPC now allows for random groups in an arena setting.


-Fix: Pulsing cure disease will not repeat the animation.

-Fix: You cannot resurrect enemies in the arena.

-Fix: Stat debuff effectiveness updated.

-Fix: Brittle no longer shows an effect.

-Fix: Brittle effect cancels on zone.

-Fix: Charge didn't instantly update.

-Fix: Corrected CL health.

-Fix: Golden Spear added.

-Fix: Resist myths.


-Fix: Using resist buffs for your group while having CL resists gave poor values.

-Fix: ToA Melee damage didn't increase the cap it only reduced variance.

-Fix: Releasing your pet with another players pet targetted.

-Fix: Warlock: Curse spec bolt and dd damages decreased.

-Fix: Warlock: Range primer cast times decreased.

-Fix: Vamps and Maulers no longer receive power pool.

-Fix: AoE Buffs no longer override bot buffs.

-Fix: More controlled NPC fixes with casting.

-Fix: Root/Stun vs pets not yet immune.

-Fix: Resist debuff didn't break mezz.

-Fix: VW Grasping Roots duration.

-Fix: RM RR5 was capped at 50%.

-Fix: Grapple vs Charge.


-Fix: Style haste debuff and haste debuff do not stack.

-Fix: Abilities are now cancellable 1.110+ icons.

-Fix: Weaponskill buff was affected by buffbonus.

-Fix: Strength buff increases monster damage.

-Fix: Traitor's dagger procs do less damage.

-Fix: Pulsed effects are in the right order.

-Fix: Banelords put the target in combat.

-Fix: NPCs run faster on hills.


-Fix: Brittleguard intercept interrupted the owner.

-Fix: Instant CC duration was affected by MoC.

-Fix: Style tooltips now display damage bonus.

-Fix: Pets should attack more reliably.


-Fix: Mauler: Magnetism absorb and rr5 weren't reducing damage.

-Fix: Mauler: 10 minute reuse cae root is unbreakable.

-Fix: Mauler: Cast speed debuff shouldn't interrupt.

-Fix: Mauler: PBAE snare doesn't give immunity.

-Fix: Buffed pets have magic absorption against Roundhouse.

-Fix: Blizzard blade DD is generated from the valewalker.

-Fix: Pets didn't try to cast after being mezzed.

-Fix: Observers were porting in-combat.

-Fix: Style procs couldn't be resisted.

-Fix: Starting stat respecs corrected.

-Fix: AE Style procs had no falloff.


-Fix: Pet potions require your entire group to be out of combat.

-Fix: Static Tempest and Minion Rescue caused camera locks.

-Fix: Wardens were missing some regrowth spells.

-Fix: Zealot pets will cast more frequently.

-Fix: Dampening was affected by buffbonus.

-Fix: Speedwarp was expiring too soon.

-Fix: Charge cannot be used in root.

-Fix: Maulers now have 200 more HP.

-Fix: Mauler taunt interrupts.


-Fix: Healer RR5 heals you when it triggers and grants 5 seconds of immunity.

-Fix: Pet release should work more reliably on charm.

-Fix: Theurg RR5 was only stunning one of its targets.

-Fix: Pets didn't keep target after being mesmerized.

-Fix: Con debuffs should help magic damage vs NPCs.

-Fix: Speedwarp was putting the owner in combat.

-Fix: Mauler Phoenix Strike DD increased to 145.

-Fix: Perfect Recovery wasn't removing rez sick.

-Fix: Spell accuracy was granting damage.

-Fix: Removed second LoS check for NPCs.


-Fix: Mentalist RR5 breaks from any offensive spell.

-Fix: Speedwarp frequency and duration increased.

-Fix: Defending Martyr didn't heal properly.

-Fix: You may join groups while in-combat.

-Fix: Speedwarp resistance increased.


-Fix: Arena: Enemy pets will no longer show as light blue after a pause.

-Fix: Pets being sent from a large distance would never try to cast.

-Fix: Mentalist nearsight energy debuff reduced to 15 seconds.

-Fix: Arena: You cannot buff the other team while paused.

-Fix: Animist controlled pets now follow the caster.

-Fix: Wizard, Enchanter, Thane, and Valewalker RR5s.

-Fix: Controlled pets weren't doing enough damage.

-Fix: Some areas seemed underwater near the haven.

-Fix: Arena: Unpause and Pause should work again.

-Fix: Increased magic resistance on speedwarp.

-Fix: Static tempest ticks on the first pulse.

-Fix: Speedwarp health didn't always update.

-Fix: Nearsight didn't always break mezz.

-Fix: Pet health corrected.

-Fix: ML9 Damage boost.


-Fix: Fixed a crash bug with a person leaving a queued arena group.

-Fix: Calming Notes is on the same immunity as mesermize.

-Fix: Only pet charming classes may use the pet potions.

-Fix: All spells except heals and resist buffs break SoS.

-Fix: Removed spreadheals from cleric smite spells.

-Fix: Buffshears on friendly pets also cast buffs.

-Fix: Entering an arena also resets immunities.

-Fix: Not having a harp caused spell issues.

-Fix: Health should update more accurately.

-Fix: Pin does not affect targets in SoS.

-Fix: SoS now allows you to move in root.

-Fix: Zephyr unstunned you.

-Add: 20% Passive Siphon to all spells.


-Fix: Arena: Running out of range (25000) increased and immunity removed.

-Fix: Casting controlled pets continue after their target.

-Fix: PvP teleport no longer ports an entire group.

-Fix: Rampage didn't resist debuffs enough.

-Fix: Max secondary resists increased.

-Fix: ML3 Pet scare vs controlled.

-Fix: Astral pet health increased.

-Add: Arena: Groups of 4 will now play in the larger areas.

-Add: /info will show group sizes.


-Fix: CL3 should give casters the ability to use shields and other weapons.

-Fix: Guildmates showed up as green in opposing arena matches.

-Fix: GvG border was updating colors in PvP mode.

-Fix: Reaver and Champ Pin has its spell.

-Fix: RR5 Cabalist pets were rootable.

-Fix: Buff shears were too effective.

-Fix: Earth pets move more quickly.

-Fix: Reavers didn't have charge.

-Fix: Buffs were not effective.

-Add: Guild Rank9 has emblem and invite power enabled by default.


-Fix: Theurg and other cc immune pets could not be stunned.

-Fix: Stealth speed was increased in speedwarp.

-Fix: Potion summoned pets being respawned.

-Fix: Buffs are more effective on pets.

-Fix: Theurg RR5 stuns charged targets.

-Fix: Zo pets die with their target.

-Fix: Buffbots should buff pets.

-Fix: RM RR5 evade rate.

-Fix: LoS fixes.

-Add: Arena/GvG now have 2x RP.

-Add: Arena system reworked.


-Fix: Reaver: RR5 reduced dmg, side chain lifetap removed, and lifetaps share cooldown.

-Fix: Styles will show Opening requirements. (Parry, Evade, and Block 1.110+)

-Fix: The PvP teleporter won't port groupmates in-combat.

-Fix: Maulers couldn't wear other realm leather.

-Fix: Theurgist pets die if their target dies.

-Fix: Power leak was hitting too many times.

-Fix: Snare durations.

-Add: Arena: Group sizes of 3+ should be allowed pauses.

-Add: /info now displays realm abilities.


-Fix: Envenomed poisons cannot be reapplied.

-Fix: Doomhammer allowed you to cast after.

-Fix: Interrupt timer after attacking.

-Fix: Traitors dagger proc strength.

-Fix: Shades of Mist vs spells.

-Fix: Added Spear of Kings.

-Fix: Maulers have a taunt.

-Fix: Air pet speed.

-Fix: ML10 Shear.


-Fix: Amnesia breaks mezz on all targets in the area.

-Fix: Style procs are no longer able to crit.

-Fix: Guildnames couldn't have spaces.

-Fix: Air pets should cast in melee.

-Fix: Delves on damagetypes. (1.110+)

-Fix: All cloth is equippable.

-Fix: Zo pets (CC immunity).

-Add: All classes now have access to a Recall and Summon Enchantress ability.


-Fix: SoM overrides healproc and other ablatives.

-Fix: Minotaurs were missing shade form.

-Fix: Healers and Bards have heal proc.

-Fix: Pets moved too fast with low hp.

-Fix: Parry(50%) and block(60%) caps.


-Fix: Some resisted spells didn't break mezz.

-Fix: Bard RR5 morph didn't always cancel.

-Fix: Shades of Mist is now available.

-Fix: Light blue name fixes for pets.

-Fix: Stuns cancelled attack state.

-Fix: Adjusted /who.

-Fix: Bracer of Zo Bedazzle.

-Add: Realm Points are now Account-Wide.

-Add: Some classes will start with Bracer of Zo.

-Add: Arena: Observers will now see each team as separate colors.


-Fix: Ment RR5 didn't go on cooldown and cancelled improperly.

-Fix: There was an extra realm ability on the trainer list.

-Fix: Assassins should now have their new RR5 abilities.

-Fix: Dreamweaver snared outside of melee attacks.

-Fix: Several ML10 items fixed and procs tweaked.

-Fix: Essence Shatter wasn't removing buffs.

-Fix: Convoker ML9 increases pet absorption.

-Fix: Heavy tank passive resists.

-Add: Alterus now offers 14 skill templates.


-Fix: GroundTarget is disabled while riding Zephyr.

-Fix: Cowering Bellow now kills some pets.

-Fix: CL AllResistBuff no longer stacks.

-Fix: Some armors were unequippable.

-Fix: Valkyrie cone animation.

-Fix: Evade cap set to 60%.

-Fix: Throw weapon vs BG.

-Fix: Falling to bind.

-Fix: Pin duration.

-Fix: Tireless.

-Add: Arena: Small group Zephyr doesn't move the player as fast.


-Fix: Paladin R5 didn't work outside of group.

-Fix: Unbreakable snares could be reapplied.

-Fix: Melee snares were affected by det.

-Fix: Omni proc gave too much power.


-Fix: Style delves should now show a followup. (1.110+)

-Fix: Paladin AF Chant was overriding buffs.

-Fix: Grapple didn't stun the user.

-Fix: Bot endurance had a range.

-Fix: Two-hand weapon damage.

-Fix: Speedwarp frequency.

-Fix: Purge animations.

-Fix: Pet name color.


-Fix: Failed styles will show partial animations.

-Fix: Warlock chambers. (Effect slots and bolt reuse)

-Fix: Bolt didn't break your speed.

-Add: Double RPS for Arena and GvG.


-Add: Paladins AF chant is combined with endurance. (No casted endurance)

-Add: Arena: Item timers are reset on zoning.


-Fix: Spell pierce affected some spells duration.

-Fix: Pets didnt check abilities when cast.

-Fix: Buffbot should buff pets.

-Fix: List caster ML tree.

-Fix: Artifact options.

-Fix: CL15 HP.


-Fix: Skald and Thane have a timed end reduc.

-Fix: Added the new emotes.

-Fix: Some updates to the Arena for fixed matches and observers.

-Add: Some classes now start with the ML10 Heroes cloak.

-Add: Players in groups will appear with Roleplay flag.


-Fix: Snapshot added.

-Fix: Instant CC not wasted if resisted.

-Fix: Bard songs were interruptable.

-Fix: Name colors depending on ruleset.

-Fix: Zephyr didn't catch still targets.

-Fix: NPC health.


-Fix: Attack state didn't cancel on casted spells.

-Fix: /quit and /setup require being out of combat for 30 seconds.

-Fix: Skald RR5 should display a message to the enemy.

-Fix: Default speed in town is reduced to hastener.

-Add: The Arena Master now offers observer to current instances.

-Add: /match a command to pair two groups for an arena game (GM Command)

-Add: /obsgrp (a or b) observers may port between the groups in an Arena instance.

-Add: /sv_pvpmode toggles between PvP/RvR Ruleset. (GM Command)


-Fix: Removed extra space from /group.

-Fix: Land of Atum underwater detection.

-Fix: Effects removed properly when logging off.

-Fix: Packet issue with item inventory.

-Fix: Buffbot buffs were being added to the database.

-Add: 3v3 Arena: Bodyguard siphons melee damage from your ally. (50% -> 25% self damage)


-Fix: Valkyrie PBAE Heal trigger and CAE animation.

-Fix: Warlock chambers should be more visible.

-Fix: Style icons and delves are more descriptive.

-Fix: Self targeted weapon procs didn't always cast.

-Fix: Reduced blockrate for classes without shield spec.

-Fix: Troll, Half Ogre, and Firbolg Mauler is enabled.

-Fix: Various Mauler spells adjusted.

-Fix: Scythe should auto-switch.

-Fix: More item charge icons.

-Fix: Pet Potions.

-Add: Dragon shields now have an ablative similar to the pict weapons.


-Fix: Snare DD should respect root immunity.

-Fix: Spells now update the target's health more frequently.


-Fix: Pet potions should no longer respawn.

-Fix: Various item charges weren't showing up in delve info. (1.110+)

-Fix: Disarm interrupted yourself.


-Fix: Spell pierce does not affect Crowd Control.

-Fix: Skald now has root dampening.

-Add: Custom CL spec tree.


-Fix: Pets lost speed when sent to attack.

-Fix: Pet follow speed reduced.


-Fix: Adjusted delve information to be livelike. (1.112+)


-Add: The launcher now supports 1.117+.

-Add: The server now uses '17' as the ini suffix in your appdata folder.


-Fix: Midgard Axe styles were adjusted (1.115)

-Add: Event items.


-Fix: The effect and model NPC will create and keep unique IDs.

-Add: /skinreset (GM Command for players abusing models).


-Fix: You can no longer equip 2 Traitor's daggers.

-Fix: Warlock chambers should now animate properly.

-Fix: Speedwarps are not able to be quickcast.


-Fix: Constitution buffs give pets Magic Absorption instead of health.

-Fix: DD+Debuff spells now have the damage component come first.

-Fix: Zephyr will catch stopped targets.


-Fix: ML9 Convoker was too effective.

-Fix: Banelords weren't sharing cooldowns.

-Fix: Pet procs may now be released.

-Fix: Zo'arkat target.

-Fix: Adjusted some pet speeds.


-Fix: Added Voltaic Polearm.

-Fix: Polearm now swaps when using a style.

-Fix: There is now a cooldown for instant casting in town.

-Fix: The effect master didn't give effects.

-Fix: Alb Traitor's dagger wasn't usable in offhand.

-Fix: Observers were being ported out of the Arena.


-Fix: Grappled players can no longer be interrupted by melee.

-Fix: Resist type calculations fixed.


-Fix: Buffs no longer cancel upon zoning or leaving the game.

-Fix: Caster pets don't try to follow their owner directly after casting.

-Fix: Nearsight will show up in the group monitor more frequently.

-Fix: Some weapon procs have been adjusted.

-Fix: Pet DoTs now interrupt each tick.


-Fix: Grasping root no longer gives immunity.

-Add: Positive effects cast instantly inside safe areas.

-Add: The Papyrus relic in town will grant a 10% rp bonus.


-Fix: Amensia now stops focus spells.

-Fix: Amnesia now shows proper messages.

-Fix: Heretic focus spells are no longer interrupted by spell damage.

-Fix: Focus shell can be interrupted.

-Fix: Savagery spells no longer use power.

-Add: Observers may now see each other.

-Add: Setup areas now have a speed boost.

-Add: /arena will now queue and unqueue your group.


-Fix: Resist buffs end on targets more than 7000 units from the caster.

-Add: /get|setcolors now allows you to use your guild's dye scheme.

-Add: [Arena] new limit to distance you can run from the starting points.

-Add: [Arena] players may no longer release.

-Add: [Arena] /wilson disabled.


-Fix: Pets can no longer be attacked in safe areas.

-Add: [Arena] wins are now shown as a title.

-Add: /ircmode now toggles wether you see IRC messages.


-Fix: Adjusted interrupts and LoS.

-Fix: Resisted spells cost half power.


-Add: Buff shears now use the nearest buff on friendly targets.


-Fix: Speedwarps are now more resilient to magic.

-Fix: Throw weapon no longer fumbles on kills.

-Fix: Static Tempest now resets stun immunity.

-Fix: /changelog has a new window.

-Fix: Divine Intervention now properly subtracts from its battery.

-Add: Depending on abilities your weapon will switch to that requirement.

-Add: Alterus now offers Melee or Caster template items.


-Fix: Confuse has an animation effect.

-Fix: Mythirian stat caps now work.

-Add: [Arena] NPC now allows for instanced PvP (3v3 5v5 8v8).


-Fix: Caster speed adjusted. (176%)


-Fix: CL resist buffs.

-Fix: Inventory fromSLot equip.

-Fix: Savage has Blissful Ignorace again.

-Fix: Purge 2 didn't fire instantly.

-Fix: Engage revamped.


-Fix: Many items have a 15 minute cooldown now.

-Fix: Speed pulses were being cancelled immediately without damage.

-Fix: Players were unable to quickcast into negative power.

-Add: An animation is sent to the client if a target is immune to cc.


-Fix: An error could keep players logged in.

-Fix: Removed sprint spam protection.

-Fix: Egg of Youth no longer uses power.

-Add: Revamped the Artifact NPC.


-Fix: Resisted instant CC spells don't use cooldowns.

-Fix: Added amnesia confirmation message to the caster.

-Fix: Theurg pets and Cab RR5 lost some of their immunties.

-Fix: Shield styles have no animation if attack misses.

-Fix: Pulsing wave is now 4s cast.

-Fix: Shield swipe and throw weapon can't interrupt through BG.

-Add: Players may now summon temporary buffbots (/bb).

-Add: Sheared spec buffs are now reported to your groupmates.


-Fix: Added and adjusted Resurrection Illness.

-Fix: Pet name handling.

-Fix: Various disease cure spell fixes.


-Fix: Ichor, Cleric, and Theurg rr5 now reset their respective cc immunities.

-Fix: ML styles now have their procs.

-Fix: Paladins now have their PBAE cures.


-Fix: World update intervals have been adjusted.

-Fix: Styles were not timing out.

-Fix: Focus shell effect didn't always display.

-Add: The effect master accepts numbers as dyes. (/whisper)

-Add: Focus shell now appears in the pulses.


-Fix: Added lower tier nearsight cures.

-Fix: Resurrect wasn't giving power.

-Fix: Rez immunity increased to 10 seconds.

-Fix: Player clip range increased.

-Fix: Many champ weapons weren't 2h.

-Fix: Some instant spells weren't interrupting.

-Add: Linkdead players will now become wireframes.

-Add: /showcolor now tells players color values.


-Fix: Bodyguard messages.

-Fix: Stun didn't break mezz.

-Fix: VR values.

-Fix: Turret cap is now 8.

-Fix: Banelord ML8 60% to user 20% to target.

-Fix: Purge RUT.

-Fix: Shaman AOE root casttime.

-Fix: Thanes now have their acuity debuff.

-Fix: AOE bombers now have a body debuff.

-Fix: Champions now have a self D/Q.

-Fix: Bodyguarded players were being interrupted.

-New: Pet-In-A-Bottle.


-Fix: ML3 warlord now scares pets properly.

-Fix: Theurg pets have less health.

-Fix: Theurgists may now release their pets.

-Fix: Shieldswipe wasn't hitting multiple targets.

-Fix: NPCs are now enraged <75% hp.

-Fix: Speedwarp frequency and radius.


-Fix: Pet release doesn't cancel pulses.

-Fix: Stat debuffs share a cooldown and no longer place you in-combat.

-Fix: Hybrids now have their acuity debuffs.

-Fix: Players may now respec starting stats.

-Fix: Thane RR5.


-Fix: Astral procs can now be confused.

-Fix: The item modeller now restricts some values.

-Fix: Champion and Reaver now have pin.

-Fix: Reaver has an instant snare.

-Fix: You may now draw your weapons on immune and friendly targets.

-Fix: Diesel doesn't flinch when attacked.

-Add: /info command for players.

-Add: /irc bot now relays regular messages to the game.


-Fix: Bard self buffs can now be cast on the move and are in the correct spellline.

-Fix: Enchanter and SM have their pet demezz.

-Fix: Astral procs.

-Add: Mystery crate.


-Fix: BDs now have their Snare Totem.


-Fix: Purge animation now fires instantly.

-Fix: Buffbot buffs may now be overwritten.

-Fix: Friendly pets are no longer on nearest enemy.

-Fix: BDs now have their DD totem.


-Fix: BD now has a taunt.

-Fix: Ment charm is 5s RUT and instant cast.

-Fix: Minst and Theurg icons.

-Fix: Purify Vision is now a 3s cast.

-Fix: Charmed pets now gain immunity to CC.


-Fix: Reduced cast time on confuse spells.

-Fix: Heretic RR5 is 30s DUR, 10m RUT, and 75% absorb now.

-Fix: Minstrel flute mezz now works properly.

-Fix: Instrument songs now display properly.

-Fix: Amnesia won't interrupt songs, will break mezz, and will finish animations.

-Add: Minstrels may now charm any type of monster.


-Fix: Dread Lich now casts a cold dd.

-Fix: Runemasters Dark spec DD's have a cold debuff attached.

-Fix: Animists now have Ichor

-Fix: Animist tanglers don't cast as often.

-Fix: Increased monster aggro duration.

-Fix: Deathblow scoreboard no longer displays monster kills.

-Add: Custom titles.

-Add: Players no longer take fall damage

-Add: /noqmsg to disable 'You are already casting a spell!' message for client.

-Add: /changelog now shows recent updates.


-Fix: Shaman D/Q caps.

-Fix: Charm release now clears root and mez.

-Fix: Summon checks are at the end of a spell.

-Add: /sv_port (GM command)


-Fix: Players may now attack guildmates.

-Fix: Players can only invite that of the same realm.

-Fix: Debuffs broke snare.

-Fix: Prevent flight gave immunity.

-Add: Examine now shows if a group is in combat.


-Fix: BM RR5 now adds a magic resist.

-Add: Changelog messages at login.


-Fix: Bard RR5 snare added.

-Fix: /who and /invite partial matches now work.

-Add: Scoreboard for player stats added to town.


-Fix: Some ML lines were not showing up.

-Fix: Buffbot buffs were not being overwritten.

-Fix: Various fixes to Skald, BD, Chanter, Savage, and Minstrel RR5.

-Add: Debug Observer now allows you to watch the PvP action.


-Fix: Area News Disabled.

-Fix: VW RR5 now has the increased ablative.

-Fix: Warden RR5 is similar to the ML3 Warlord ability.

-Fix: ZoSummon didn't cast on players in Phaseshift.

-Fix: Zo pets now spawn properly.

-Fix: Phaseshift was a negative uncancellable effect.

-Fix: Melee snares are now livelike.

-Add: Starter Armor.


-Fix: Massive update towards 1.115 specline and abilities.

(Warden, Healer, Mentalist, Enchanter, Shaman, and RM)

-Fix: Bolt cast speeds increased from 2.0 to 2.5.

-Fix: Disease duration has been halved.

-Fix: Stat debuffs have been made livelike.

-Fix: RA type is now 1.108.

-Fix: Resist debuffs have been lowered. (1.114)

-Fix: Concentration wasn't firing.

-Fix: Quickcast didn't gray-out.

-Fix: Items were degrading.

-Add: Various NPCs

-Add: /invite now allows players to suggest others.

-Add: 1.116 DF Items have been added to a merchant. (Alfred)


-Fix: Duration on theurgist pets.

-Fix: Reuse on instant heals.

-Fix: Slam is now 5 seconds non-heavy tanks.

-Fix: Champion NPC now gives weapons to all classes.

-Add: Areas for PvP and Setup

-Add: Doodads for the town.

-Add: /sv_maxgroupsize (GM command)